What Are Free Streaming Sites Without Registration?


What is streaming?

Streaming is a practical and fast broadcasting mode for listening to or viewing your favorite content on the internet. Some works are protected by copyright, and sometimes the use of streaming is considered illegal in some cases.

It’s the same system that video dedicated sites like YouTube use.

When watching a Streaming video, the video is uploaded by the user to the server as a buffer (not stored directly on the hard drive, but in RAM).

Free streaming sites without registration

If you want to watch streaming content for free, it is better to go through a streaming site like FilmGratuit, Filmz, ZoneStreaming or another free streaming site without registration that you can find on the web or that your friends will recommend.

Note however that these sites are illegal and it is recommended not to use them.

Good deals in this area are often known by word of mouth and the best streaming sites are generally well known to the public in search of movies, series or music.

Papystreaming, the most famous free streaming site without registration

French streaming site that offers Movies, series and manga for free and without registration. PapyStreaming guarantees you up-to-date content in VF and VOSTFR in HD quality as dominant quality (Bluray) and SD quality as minimum quality (DVD).

Note that many sites still offer movies and series in 480p, sometimes see 540p. The HD movie proposal is therefore a precious asset of the site.


Is considered the first 100% movie streaming site. You will find the best new movies streaming free online, no download. No registration is necessary and the site is completely free.

The films are in French with very good image quality, and the videos are available in HD format. You can select movies by genre or popularity.

Complete movie

Filmcomplet is one of the best illegal movie streaming sites. Unlike other sites, Filmcomplet.tv has chosen to offer old content.

It is one of the only sites also to offer documentaries which are not widely distributed. Most of the content is in French. It is the ideal site for lovers of rare, high-quality content.

What are the risks?

As the reproduction is fleeting, proof is difficult to provide. The viewer cannot therefore currently be worried about having used illegal streaming.

But the French government is mobilizing on the issue and would like to establish a blacklist of streaming sites.

A mission attached to the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet (Hadopi). The purpose of this blacklist: to dereference illegal streaming sites from search engines.

Prefer legal offers like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video

Four years ago, Netflix launched its streaming platform in France. Since then, another American juggernaut has joined it, Amazon Prime Video. Netflix and Amazon offer different forms of subscriptions.

However, these platforms have one thing in common, that of offering 30 days of free trials to their service. Netflix has three no-obligation monthly subscription offers.

Their prices vary depending on the number of screens you want to connect to the platform simultaneously. Amazon Prime Video costs € 49 per year.

The disadvantage is that it is not possible to monthlyize the subscription, the sum is withdrawn at once. The advantage is that, over a year, Amazon Prime Video is almost half the price of Netflix’s Essential offer.

Use a VPN for your online security

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network or “Virtual Private Network”. The purpose of a VPN is to connect two networks of devices (PC, tablets, smartphones, etc.) both geographically distant and connected to a public network (internet for example), via a secure and encrypted tunnel technique.

With VPN, your online security is optimized on several levels. Your Internet connection is encrypted with a Top-Secret algorithm which protects you from hackers and intruders who are trying to listen to or obtain sensitive information about you.

Because even if the Internet is a public network, VPNs allow computers to connect to it privately. Since your computer is hidden behind our many VPN servers, no one is able to interfere with your connection.

To conclude on free streaming sites without registration

The risk of being prosecuted for watching a pirated film is almost nonexistent. “Almost”, because some fussy lawyers believe that, even if there is no download, Internet users are indeed accomplices of hacking. The mere spectator has little to fear.

If justice is to prosecute someone, it is the site that broadcast the video and the user who hacked it and put it online. But even if the law is still vague, the risks are nonetheless nonexistent.

Free streaming sites without registration are nests for viruses and Internet users who use them will be the first victims of malware that infiltrates everywhere.

We therefore advise against going through one of these illegal streaming sites, rather go through legal offers like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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