How to watch Netflix for free in 2019 (100% legal)


3 methods to get a free and legal Netflix account in 2019

The Netflix subscription costs around $ 7.99 / month in its lowest offering. This price may vary by country. However, there are ways to access Netflix for free but in a legal manner.

Get Netflix for 1 month for free: Method 1

Indeed, Netflix offers 1 month for free without engagement. To do this, just go to the site with your smartphone or PC. You will not be charged any fees before the end of the free trial period.

Once on the page, click on “ENJOY A FREE MONTH” to start registration on Netflix.

Select the Netflix plan that suits you: Essential, Standard and Premium.

  • Netflix Essential Package: This is the cheapest package with the feature: 1 single screen + No HD.
  • Netflix Standard package: 2 screens + you have HD.
  • Netflix Premium package: 4 screens + Ultra HD.

Enter your contact details (email address and password) to create your account.

To have multiple free Netflix trials and take full advantage of Netflix, you must cancel your account subscription before the 30 day trial and then create a new Netflix account using another email address. That’s all.

I know it is a tedious task to always cancel the subscription before the end of the Netflix trial period but it is either that or pay after the trial.

With this method, you get Netflix for free as many times as you can.

Using a shared Netflix account: Method 3

Do you have loved ones or family members who use Netflix?

Another way to enjoy Netflix for free is to share a Netflix account with others. An account with a standard package can be used by 2 people simultaneously and an account with a premium offer can be used by 4 people simultaneously.


This is the first time I have tested Netflix and I find it wonderful. If you’ve never tested it, now’s the time.

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