How to optimize the subscription on the Android PREMIUM IPTV PRO, SIGMA and IPTV Smarters applications


If you have latency problems, sound problems, blurred or unclear image, non-functional or very slow 4k movies and you use boxing or a device that runs on Android, follow these tips:

1- Start by checking your internet speed by performing a test, it is recommended to use the Fast app

2- Install and connect the Cloudflare DNS application (this application allows you to change your DNS from those used by your ISP by the fastest DNS in the world which visibly improves reception of channels and accelerates DNS queries and reduces response time)

3- Use VLC as the default player (in the SIGMA IPTV and PREMIUM IPTV PRO or IPTV Smarters application), after installing and putting VLC as the main player, to go to: Parameters => reader selection and tick VLC player

make some changes in the VLC settings, go to Preferences => Hardware acceleration => put it on “Full acceleration”

and in Preferences => advanced => Network cache size => put 30000 and click OK


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