• 4 reasons to use vpn when running iptv on your device

IPTV has become one of the most popular services in the world in terms of providing video content over the Internet and millions of viewers have become the preferred method of watching television because of its great features which we discussed in our article What is iptv ?

But watching TV via IPTV may have some problems, especially with the pressure of content providers and the censorship of Internet-enabled operators, which may interfere with or even block IPTV services, as has been the case many times.

IPTV users often notice a disconnect in watching channels, especially in important games such as the Champions League or World Cup, while before the start of the game there is no cut.

The reason is that Internet providers and some pay TV networks are interfering with IPTV. Is there a solution? .

Do not be afraid of course there is a solution called VPN.

  • What is a VPN?
  •   How does it work and What are the reasons why I should use it to ensure the quality of IPTV and the security of my devices?

VPN is the abbreviation for "Virtual Private Network" and means a virtual private network,

VPN is a secure and encrypted Internet connection via a private channel that allows the caller to hide the Internet and secure caller data.

Your connection to the Internet is through the company that provides you with the Internet and therefore it has a list of all the sites you visit and all that you do on the net, but using vpn you enter the Internet through a special tunnel, your company can not see your data or what you do on the net.

This service is provided by companies through their servers. Your subscription to the vpn service always accesses the internet through vpn servers that encrypt your connection and give you the IP address of another country of your choice.

VPN creates a secure tunnel using powerful protocols that hide your original IP address with another one.

VPN encrypts all your connections and passes them through a secure tunnel to allow you to surf the Internet freely and anonymously.

 One of the most important features of vpn
Avoiding the censorship of telecom companies on the content you visit online

Allows you to choose the geographical location of any country on which you navigate through the Internet

Encrypt your data

Replace the original IP address with an unknown one.

Protecting and securing WiFi wireless connections

Enable access to blocked sites and services in your country at any time.

While traveling across countries you may have trouble accessing your accounts like Facebook and Google to change your ip but using vpn and choosing your country of origin there will be no problem opening your accounts.

The Vpn and IPTV are what they are related to
Many operators are stifling IPTV services directly or indirectly because they compete in video content and TV subscriptions, but vpn's ability to make your Internet connection encrypted and anonymous makes it difficult for Internet companies to restrict IPTV services For this always advised experts using vpn.

Protect your privacy
Some IPTV files may be encoded and allow your computer to be hacked, so using vpn is difficult to penetrate

Communication companies can not access the sites and video files you visit

Override prevention of IPTV by telecom operators
Vpn allows you to take advantage of IPTV even if it is prohibited by your ISP.

Improved IPTV quality
Does vpn increase your internet speed? Of course not, but it helps to improve the quality of IPTV broadcasting by directing you to a server that is less crowded and more powerful.

Watch IPTV for a variety of channels that allow broadcasting to be viewed in a specific country or countries only

A group of TV channels are broadcast via their websites but you can not watch the broadcast if you do not enter the internet through this country but you can use vpn to choose the country and watch these channels.

The best and the safest

  • For example, this is the site of the German channel ZDF but without the use of vpn and the choice of Germany you can not watch live action



How to run vpn 

There are three different ways to run vpn on your machine

Method 1:

Download a program or application you obtain from your service provider.

You configure the program

You enter the name and password that you have entered on the service provider's site

Select the country you want and press the Play icon

Method 2:

Download Add to your browser for your

Its structure and operation are very easy

Method 3:

It works on the numbers of vpn on your computer most of the devices from computers and mobile phones and even some smart TVs provide this possibility

Enter the settings

And then enter the preparation of a connection through a private network and follow the procedures that ask you where it is necessary to have the information of the vpn account of the company that provides the service

How do you get vpn and is it free or paid?

You can get VPN quite easily through the Internet

Thousands of companies offer free and paid VPN service and all its features

But when choosing vpn whether free or paid it is advisable to look for a reputable company? Are their services good? Some service providers may be insecure, with some gaps.

The best and the safest