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IPTV (internet protocol television)

Hello, in this post I will offer you  premium iptv links for free IPTV m3u playlist (HD ; SD Channels)IPTV Playlist that contains almost all iptv world channels, all iptv links works properly.you can open the http iptv links with any media player programs, such as VLC Media Player,simpel tv , and this is the case for any other software. Another point is that the iptv m3u lists also work on All Devices | Kodi | Vlc | Smart TV | Simple TV | SS IPTV | Android.
Note: iptv (http) links that run for a long time can stop playing these links at any time and can also continue to work on their specific date.  
If you experience any freezing or channels stop working, it means the server has exceeded the maximum active users.

http://alblive.org:80/get.php?username=miro&password=mirodrug&type=m3u Expiration Date: NO. Maximum User: 130 Active Users: 45http://iptv.roxtvplus.com:25461/get.php?username=manuelhqveJX&password=iscar96eqveJXEMfn&type=m3u Expiration Date: NO. Maximum Users: 150 Active Users: 140http:// Expiry Date: NO. Maximum User: 1 Active User: 2http://iptv.wtf:25461/get.php?username=mHnCq0JBt&password=ze6cfJW972&type=m3u Expiration Date: NO. Maximum Users: 2 Active Users: 451http:// Expiration Date: NO. Maximum User: 1 Active User: 24http://newtv.dyndns.org:25461/get.php?username=dreamgafsa&password=0MDd8DE5Qe&type=m3u Expiration Date: NO. Maximum Users: 30 Active Users: 56http://painel.ebanonet.com.br:25461/get.php?username=malu&password=malu123&type=m3u Expires: 25/11/2018 21:04:51 Maximum User: 1 Active User: 2
Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This is in contrast to delivery through traditional terrestrialsatellite, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV offers the ability to stream the source media continuously. As a result, a client media player can begin playing the content (such as a TV channel) almost immediately. This is known as streaming media.
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http://2111.space:25461/get.php?username=admin_016607&password=iGJFpqPD&type=m3u Expires: 21/01/2020 12:20:39 Maximum Users: 1 Active Users: 1http://vip.groupiptv.com:7000/get.php?username=guido&password=guido&type=m3u Expires: 09/10/2018 01:02:00 Maximum User: 1 Active User: 1http://servidoriptv.mine.nu:37001/get.php?username=fernando&password=12345&type=m3u Expiration Date: 05/11/2018 10:26:11 Maximum User: 1 Active User: 1http:// Expires: 09/10/2018 13:40:36 Maximum Users: 1 Active User: 1http:// Expiration Date: NO. Maximum User: 1000 Active Users: 341http://world-b.co:25461/get.php?username=local_panelV2&password=ykr2EPHfZu&type=m3u Expiration Date: NO. Maximum User: 1000 Active Users: 96http://srv.mtvs.me:8880/get.php?username=heloise&password=heloise&type=m3u Expires: 09/11/2018 02:00:00 Maximum User: 1 Active User: 1 Expiration Date: NO. Maximum User: 100 Active Users: 35http://panel.globepremium.com:8000/get.php?username=maestro5469&password=2e33bf0fea&type=m3u Expiration Date: 20/12/2018 23:00:00 Maximum User: 1 Active User: 0http:// Expiration Date: NO. Maximum User: 0 Active User: 176http://srv.mtvs.me:8880/get.php?username=gu33&password=123&type=m3uExpires: 04/11/2018 18:43:00 Maximum User: 1 Active User: 1http://painel.iptvmove.com:8880/get.php?username=070809&password=070809&type=m3u Expiration Date: 03/11/2018 20:29:00 Maximum User: 1 Active User: 1http://painel.iptvmove.com:8880/get.php?username=08031982&password=08031982&type=m3u Expiration Date: 22/10/2018 02:00:00 Maximum User: 1 Active User: 1http://painel.iptvmove.com:8880/get.php?username=alex12345&password=alex12345&type=m3u Expires: 06/10/2018 20:03:00 Maximum User: 1 Active User: 1